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"1892 Doll" from the Gratitude Train

Germaine Lecomte








Recently, the admins of a fan-based Tumblr convention, Dashcon 2014, ran into some trouble.  Allegedly, the staff of the hotel that was hosting their convention demanded to be paid 17,000 dollars, or else they would shut down Dashcon.  The Dashcon admins responded by asking the community to raise 17,000 dollars by the end of the night — and so they did.  The convention went on.  

This has upset quite a few people, many of whom have pointed out that Tumblr users united to fundraise for a convention, but not to raise money for other causes.  A lot of these posts have specifically referenced poverty, homelessness, and disadvantaged members of the queer community; in particular, many people have talked about homeless LGBTQ youth.  Why couldn’t we have raised 17,000 dollars for them?

Well, we can.  So let’s do it.  

The Ali Forney Center in NYC is an organization for homeless LGBTQ youth that provides housing, food, showers, clothing, primary medical care, mental health care, HIV/STI screening and treatment, substance abuse support, street outreach, employment/education assistance programs, training for adult care providers, and more.  They’ve been doing great work for about 12 years now, and though they were hit pretty hard by Hurricane Sandy a few years back (x), they’ve never stopped working to do everything they can to directly help the most vulnerable members of the queer community.  

I’ve created an online fundraising page directly through the Ali Forney Center, so no sketchy private individuals will be handling donation money.  

Let’s prove that we can come together for more than bad conventions and potato salad Kickstarters.  Homeless LGBTQ youth deserve better than being used as props in arguments, so here’s our chance to show that we do care enough to raise money for people who desperately need support. 

(Plus, if you donate, you can have an extra hour in the ball pit.  We promise.)  

Our goal is 17,000 dollars.  Click here to visit the page and donate!

This is a really good way to recover from these embarrassments. Let’s do it.

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Over the past two years, I’ve shared a lot of space with cisgender feminists who are seeking to add a trans voice to their panel, event, or conference. I can often sense that these feminists’ hearts are in the right place with regards to trans issues. They’re trying and their… [read more]

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Anonymous asked:
So much emphasis on "Scott's Pack" and Scott being an Alpha in that promo. Do you think Jeff's gonna make Derek officially Scott's beta? I know Hoechlin says Derek's an omega, but Jeff obviously doesn't listen to Hoechlin & O'Brien about their characters :( Are we gonna see Derek bare his throat (metaphorically only I HOPE) to Scott's True Alpha?











nope, no no no, I have my fingers in my ears nonny and am refusing to admit the possiblity, it would mean Derek admitting all the things scott did to him were justified and that would destroy him utterly, give Derek what little pride the show has left him with, and let him work with scott but not for

I don’t think that will ever happen… Too many people see Derek as being something important… He is going to play a massive part in something in the future (possibly even rise to Alpha status again and be like his mother)… Derek will help Scott when the end goal is the same and he has to but will look for a better/faster way to solve the problem… now that Derek has let go of his anger as anchor, I think we are going to see Derek grow into the leader he was born to be…

Except the show narrative doesn’t give Derek the time of day, really. There’s this beautifully layered backstory to that character that we know nothing of, and even Ian and JR and Hoec are saying “please give us more…” And this season will instead be a new generation to pass on the torch and further separate the Hales from the McCall story. Because the show is the McCall story, “starts and ends with Scott” is pretty much the way the show has gone so far. They’re just kind of burying a gold mine here chasing shiny swords and monster bones.

Derek is basically a comparison/surrogate for Scott, he’s the whipping boy called in when they need some violence to happen away from the paws of the True Alpha, and the only way those characters end up is dead. Scott rises, the not-Scott falls in his place. Derek self-sacrifices and Scott doesn’t take chances. The anchor scene gets it’s origins from a story about someone on the brink of death, and that’s not a good sign. This thought has been seriously bugging me for weeks and I have yet to see anything counter it. Pleeeease tell me there’s evidence somewhere that Derek isn’t the lone omega who gets sacrificed for the good of the pack at the end of season 4. Puhhhleeeeese. Seriously.

I can’t even stick my fingers in my ears on this because I can’t see how the narrative would support Derek winning at anything, let alone a second pack with the direction they say it’s going. AND YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW BAD I WANT TO. *has panic attack #gazillion*

I’m afraid you’re right. Jeff has done nothing but shit on Derek Hale so far to put the light on True Alpha Scott McCall… Why would that change any time soon? You can bet that if Derek becomes human (ew I hate this idea ), they’re gonna make Scott offers him the bite, be all fucking smug about it, and Derek will accept and get stripped of what’s left of his dignity… I’m calling it.

Perhaps I’m giving Davis too much credit but I think Scott is a misdirect, that in telling the “Scott story” he manages to get away with a lot about the much more interesting “Hale/Argent war”. Scott is like Harry Potter, in that if he’d stayed in his room Voldemort would be nothing more than Quirrel’s headache, because in many ways it was Harry that did what Voldemort needed because Harry didn’t trust the adults to stop Voldemort. 

So we have Scott and his narrative which, lets face it, is not nearly as interesting, but because Scott doesn’t know stuff the audience gets to learn it with Scott, we get dramatic tension because Scott doesn’t get told stuff, and even when he does we can’t trust he’s listening, we get all the expected tropes, the romance etc, without it messing with the Hale Argent War of which Scott is only on the fringes, and most of what we learn is from Stiles, who agrees with us - that stuff’s fascinating

But because Scott has no consequences, because Scott is the “true alpha” it means Scott’s narrative has nowhere to go but down, Scott’s sense of self importance and his insistence that this is his story and a superhero origin one at that means he’s inserting himself into things and making things worse (212 is a perfect example, the bite did nothing, it didn’t save Jackson or stop Gerard)

I’m thinking that Deaton’s machinations have made Scott a kagemusha but no one told Scott, that in making Scott an alpha it put the target on his back instead of Derek’s, but Scott just puffs out his chest. Derek is special, we know that because Talia knew that and told Deaton, Deucalion knew that, even Gerard knew it, but Scott’s narrative tells us it’s him. 

This is a show vs tell thing I think, the show tells us it’s about scott, but it’s always shown us it’s about Derek, and do you know what happens to kagemusha? they die so the lord can live.

Additionally, I think exactly because the the show has always been hard on Derek, in the end he’s going to be the one to come out on top. Otherwise what would the point be of all his suffering if by the end…he gets even more suffering and dies? On the other hand, it’s much more interesting and satisfying if you have a character who has suffered all his life but manages to overcome it. I think that where Derek’s story is going.

My only hesitance on these though is the TV medium. They don’t have as much freedom to just flip the story as a movie or books would. If they’re looking at them as “novels” then I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt a little more easily. But Scott is the main, title character, the POV we’ve been trained to meet this world through and cheer for, so to flip that at the end isn’t something usually done to a TV audience.

ah but teen wolf has been doing that from the start, in other hands it would be shirtless young men overcoming obstacles in one episode that are analogous to modern problems, like Buffy was (just with less shirtlessness), each season is another spiral working towards a defined end, not a stand alone system, the only reason we’re “rooting for Scott” is the assumption he is the main character which is on our end, not the narrative’s. Scott is the focus character, the one through which we’re told the story but there is no evidence other than his position as the narratorial bias that he is the champion at all, in fact it’s the other way around. This isn’t going to be a huge flip, this is something it’s been building towards since ep 1, more and more we see scott view this as his superhero origin story (and it’s interesting in reflection that Stiles called him the Hulk considering his fear of going alpha crazy, when that’s exactly what he does when he loses his anchor, and that the anchor plot device is exactly like that of Betty Ross, and we forget that in the Ultimate Avengers the hulk ate people!, SHIELD kept him on lock down for a reason) 

but yes, thats’ the thing, we’re focussing on scott because he’s the main character so we expect him to be the hero because that’s what the main character does - who says? we’re just used to it. Bilbo Baggins wasn’t the hero, Thorin was, just as Aragorn was more hero than Frodo, but we expect the lead character to be the hero because in most narratives they are, but not all narratives do this.

I’ve used the example of Mistborn before and I like it, but in it the lead character of the first narrative, the one we don’t see, failed and another had to take the role and in doing so became a tyrant but did so to protect the world the only way he knew how, the second cleared the way for the real champion although we expected it to be her. Modern fantasy more and more is moving away from the trope that main character = world saviour and teen wolf very much fits in that model, it is a fantasy novel (just one on tv) and it’s very much post tolkien, and modern fantasy is very much not the beast you think it is

Also… The Hale-Argent war didn’t start with Scott. Scott would have never been bitten by Peter if the Hale fire didn’t happen, and the reason the Hale fire happened was because of Kate Argent seducing Derek. That’s where the story starts. 

the story goes back a lot further than that, it goes back to at least ‘77 with Alexander Argent, but i wouldn’t be surprised if it went back to gevaudan



If you aren’t reading Curvy Girl Chic, stop what you’re doing (seriously, right now) and get to know Allison Teng’s unique style. She effortlessly blends that California cool with a dash of sweetness and a bit of edge. It all comes together beautifully on her blog, so it’s no wonder that People StyleWatch tapped her to contribute online. We caught up with her during Full Figured Fashion Week, chatted about all things style, and then turned her loose on the sample racks. She’s picked out her favorites for you to shop, plus get to know her better in this fun Q&A!

ELOQUII: Did you always know that you wanted to share photos of your outfits? What gave you the confidence to put yourself out there in such a personal way?

Allison: Definitely not! I’ve always been relatively shy and a pretty quiet person, but I guess when I started my blog, I did so expecting nobody to read it. After all, the internet is a huge place—how would people find me? Still, when people started reading and commenting, I got to find other like-minded people sharing their POV and style, and it was just really fun to be part of that conversation!

E: How has your style evolved since you started Curvy Girl Chic?

A: It’s definitely gotten a little more grown-up, and a little more daring! Considering I’d just graduated from college when I started my blog, I was still discovering my style and what I like to wear most. Nowadays, I still love to play with trends and try new styles, but I know the looks that make me feel the most “me”!

E: What’s the most common question your readers ask you? 

A: Hmmm…this is a tough one, but the most common question I receive is how to be more confident. This is always a hard one for me, because I feel like your confidence is so dependent on your environment—the kind of people you surround yourself with, what media you take in, and what you choose to believe and allow to influence you. My recommendation is always to start reading more body positive blogs and social media outlets, plus size fashion blogs, and to start tuning out negative influences. Whether it’s a friend that’s constantly putting you down, or the news article that states anyone above a size 4 is unhealthy, it’s got to go!

E: What are your top 3 favorite pieces on the site right now?

A: Only 3?! I’m dying over the new arrivals but my favorites have to the the Rose and Stripes Crop Top, the pink Pique Midi Skirt, and the Studded Ponte Pencil Skirt.

E: Looking ahead - what are you most looking forward to from fall fashion?

A: Statement outerwear! GIVE ME ALL THE COATS.

And now for the style lightning round! 

Stripes or florals?


Favorite neutral?

Does navy count?

Mascara or lipstick?


Maxi, midi or mini?


Skinny, boyfriend, or trouser jeans?


Bows or peplum?


Flats or heels?


Necklace or earrings?


Black or white?


Uptown or downtown?

Uptown on the weekday, downtown on the weekends!


Thanks so much for sharing your style with us, Allison! If you’re looking to shop her picks, you can still use code CHIC for 40% off orders of $100+. From one shopaholic to another, happy shopping!

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I’ve seen a few fashion posts trying to expand the “Marie Antoinette is not Victorian” rant, but this stuff can get complicated, so here is a semi-comprehensive list so everyone knows exactly when all of these eras were.

Please note that this is very basic and that there are sometimes subcategories (especially in the 17th century, Jacobean, Restoration, etc)

And people wonder WHY I complain about History/Art History periodization. Note how much overlap there is to the above “eras”, and how many exceptions and extensions there are to these categories.

Oh, and by the way…















Because you wouldn’t want to be historically inaccurate.

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I know why people fall into the “Erik is the team dad, Charles is the team mom” trope (even though I really hate the gendering of it and the subsequent feminization of Charles that’s a real problem in most slash fandoms), but let’s take a minute to appreciate Rose Bryne’s expressions of shocked indignation and righteous disappointment while Erik is vaguely bemused in the background and Charles is thinking to himself, “Shit, I fucked up, I fucked up, they really aren’t old enough to take care of themselves, mom is gonna KILL ME.”

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it’s not bad or selfish or wrong to desire attention and love when you are feeling ill and upset. sometimes, you need other people to keep you afloat. that’s okay. you are not a burden. being needy is not a bad thing. you deserve to be cared for. it’s okay to ask for help.

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Anonymous asked:
Why is LJ putting subject lines in comments a big deal?




Sure, why not! I was there! I can mostly answer this.

First it’s important to understand that they’re not simply putting subject lines into comments, they’re putting them back.

Second, let’s backtrack a second here.

There’s a quote going around tumblr that I love. About how fandom is the most technically rigorous test you can ever give your product.


Because fandom is actually fairly large, we’re smaller than some people think, but we’re larger than most assume. AND most of online fandom makes heavy use of interaction. We don’t just create output (fic, vids, gifs, etc), we don’t just ponder meta to ourselves, we don’t just wonder in our shower if that really WAS a monster cock under those tailored trousers. We go online and ask for second, third and twelfth opinions. We bounce ideas, squee, glee, anger, sadness, righteous fury, EMOTIONS, we bounce emotions and ideas off each other in ways I think other groupings don’t.

The question that comes up often is “why did fandom nest here and not there?” Well. A lot of it is what’s available at the time. Freely. (There can be paid options as well, but there needs to be a decent network of free services and capabilities.)

Fandom is incredibly adaptive. They don’t need (or at least have historically not gotten until recently) places designed exactly for their needs and unique forms of communication. Fandom is usually pretty happy with a 60% - 80% overlap of features originally implemented for the platform’s original use and what fandom wants from its platforms.

Fandom can adjust, adapt, test the limits, break it and then come back and go “okay we can do X, but only until Y and then we have to do Z” and we can make it work for us.

What happens is, options that fandom uses are not always considered vital options. Or cause maintenance issues that the maintainers of the product never expected and don’t know how to handle, or just don’t want to.

THEN invariably, an option disappears. Maybe the product is attempting to update for the times, maybe they have new management and want to go in different directions, maybe there really is a very small hint of ‘oh god get the porny weirdos out of our hair before the buyer comes in and kicks the tires!’.

BACK to the original question now.

On livejournal, subject lines were incorporated into the workings of many fannish pursuits because they were a way of being upfront about the content of the coming comment. Subject lines could include things like: fandom, pairing, rating, word counts, kink and/or meme prompt, trigger/content warnings. THESE were all especially helpful for active posts because eventually conversation threads were collapsed to save space and loading time. Fanfic memes meant to respond in comments became easier to search on your own. Etc.

When LJ took the subject lines away it was in the middle of a series of decisions that were very alienating to fandom already, from what I recall there was no warning and the reasoning was along the lines of ‘facebook doesn’t do it’. It’s what finally caused one of the larger mass migrations off LJ to other social networks and certain memes that had been born within the structure of the LJ comment page either came up with style work arounds that were pretty imperfect, rules to help compensate which were difficult to get right sometimes or they just moved entire because they liked the format they already had.

Basically when comment subject lines were removed, it literally broke about 1/3 of the fannish infrastructure.

As usual, there were thousands of comments asking why (from what I could tell the answers never really got better) and for opt outs or reversing it, but LJ staff remained firm that it was for the good of the Empire or whatever (yeah I’m getting pretty sarcastic here, LJ was being especially empty headed in some of its decisions at that point.)

This all happened before I completely dropped out of fandom for a while, so, YEARS ago. The reason why it’s so hilarious is it’s just a bit of too little too late and it’s fairly easy to imagine that a platform designed for interaction making it HARDER and then taking this long to figure maybe that’s not a great idea.

Preserving the tags, as a reminder to myself.

And the brave few who’ve stayed on LJ all these years are pretty sad about how they’re shouting into a darker darkness than in the heyday.

You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.
Maya Angelou

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Overlooked Characters: Lee Jordan

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Stiles and Lydia

(The colored gif is actually fairly larger than the black and white one.)

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