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AU Fred takes Angelina as his escort to Bill and Fleur’s wedding.

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Harry Potter shipping thoughts

I don’t tend to ship people together in Harry Potter.And by “people” I mean those who were students during the course of the books. I don’t know what it is.Maybe it’s because I feel as if I’ve watched them grow up despite the fact that I was essentially growing up with them. It’s an odd position to be in. It’s like knowing someone when they were little and then you blink and suddenly they’re talking about boyfriends and girlfriends. 

That said, I don’t have strong opinions on who George or any of them should end up with.I think it’s a bit odd that most of them ended up with people from school. I suppose it may be a case of reflecting how living 7 years in a school and living through a war can bring people together, but I think Draco was one of the few who ended up with someone we aren’t sure was there during their school years. Please, don’t quote me on that—I’m merely going off what I remember.


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Angelina, Angelina…

Angelina, Angelina, please bring down your concertina.And play a welcome for me cause I’ll be coming home from sea…" sang Lee at the bottom of the stairs leading up the girl’s dormitory.

"Yes its so long since Ive been home

Seems like theres no place to roam

Well I’ve sailed around the Horn

I’ve been from San Jose up to Baffin Bay

And I’ve rode out many a storm…

Yes, uh, Angelina, Angelina, please bring down your concertina.
And play a welcome for me cause I’ll be coming home from sea.”

"Jordan. Stop.”said Angelina finally appearing. She leaned on the rail of the landing above him.

“Not until you come down,”grinned Lee. He started strumming again.“Angelina,Angelina, please bring down your—“

“You don’t want me to come down.”

"I do… Please bring down your concertina—"

Angelina leaned on the railing, looking down at Lee.”Do you fancy a bludger to the head or something?”

“Ow.” grimaced Lee. “Of course not. Was that a threat?”

"Not from me. But Fred might have something to say about it."

"He wouldn’t do that,"smirked Lee.

"Oh, you’re a bloody Legilmens now, too?"said a voice behind Lee. He stopped strumming his guitar and turned around.It was Fred.Ah.Lee smiled,"Hello. "

"Hello, Lee. Are you serenading my girlfriend?"

"That’s just the song,"Lee shrugged. "I wanted to see who would come down."

"Uh-huh,"said Angelina crossing her arms."That’s likely. Are you going to do anything about this, Fred?"

"About what?"said Lee. "Is it a crime to sing in the common room now?"

"It is when you sing,"said Fred grinning.

"Wait, were you saying you would aim a bludger at me?"

"That depends…" said Fred slowly.

"On what?"

"On whether you plan on wearing silver and green to the next match—"

"McGonagall would have a fit,"said Lee. "And I’m more scared of her than you." 

"Stop interrupting me,"said Fred, "And whether you’re going to stop sending Angie love letters…"

"Pssshaw.Those could be from anyone…"

"We know your handwriting,"said Angelina squinting down at him. 

"Similar handwriting. Wow."

"Just stop okay,"said Fred.

Lee shook his head,”Can’t stop doing what I haven’t done.”

"Lee…"warned Fred. Lee grinned wider and strummed his guitar as he walked away.Fred turned to look up at Angelina,"I tried…"

"That was you trying? Ugh…"said Angelina shaking her head and walking towards her dorm." ‘Night."

" Good night,"said Fred. He waited until she was out of listening range to hum the tune Lee had been attempting to sing. He’d have to ask what the name of that song was later.And why, exactly, Lee hadn’t suggested Fred be the one singing it to Angelina…



Short Fic I wrote for FF.Net

You’re a Weasley?”

Roxanne and Fred never quite understood that question. Of course they were Weasley’s there was just something different about them.

Thick lips, wild kinky hair, brown skin.

“Oh Merlin, that’s Fred Weasley II? Well he doesn’t look like his uncle.”

Angelina tried to help them understand; she told them that they were Weasley’s no matter what anyone said. She told them they were beautiful.

The day Roxanne wanted to straighten her hair so that she would look like everyone else broke Angelina’s heart. The day Freddie wanted to cut all of his hair off so that he could blend in with his cousins was Angelina’s breaking point

Who told them that their differences made them…ugly?

Hogwarts seemed to only make things worse. “You two are Weasley’s?”

Fred and Roxanne tried to identify with Kamal and Daya Thomas.

They were different, they were biracial. But Kamal and Daya weren’t Weasley’s. Kamal and Daya didn’t have to have straight red hair and pale skin to be members of their family.

Of course the Weasley clan accepted Roxanne and Fred. They loved the brother and sister to death, but they didn’t realize that sometimes they tried too hard to make them fit in.

I wish my hair was curly like yours Freddie. Everyone has my hair. It’s so dull and straight.”

I hate how pale I am, wish I had that natural tan you have.”

Roxanne, those curves…I wish I had those in my day.”

They didn’t understand that Roxanne and Fred wanted to be like everyone else.

Angelina hated it. She wanted them to see that it was okay to be different.

“You’re beautiful,” Angelina whispered, “From your brown skin to your kinky hair. Your lips, your nose, your eyes, your ears. The curves on your body and the soft baritone of your voice, all of those things make you strong. Both of you are beautiful and just because you don’t look like your cousins doesn’t mean you’re not apart of the family. It means you’re different, and different is good.”



Angelina. December 25th, 2011.

I have so many drawings to catch up on, but I feel like I owe this page something. So you will be seeing a lot of mostly-completed drawings.

This one somehow ended up as Angelina Johnson. Which is interesting, because I usually picture her with long dreads or curls. But I think this is her older self. When she went pro and decided to have any easily workable do.



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Minor Character Problem #3