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Clara doesn’t lie to Danny because he would somehow try to forbid her to travel with the Doctor. He doesn’t - and shouldn’t have - that kind of power over her. And keep in mind that he has been supportive of her travelling with the Doctor. He even encouraged her to not quit in anger and told her to have fun on the Orient Express. All he ever demanded from her was honesty. Honesty and allowing him to help her when she had a problem.

Clara doesn’t lie to the Doctor because he would necessarily care about Danny approving or disapproving. The Doctor is the Doctor, Danny is Danny, there’s still not a lot of love lost between them, even if the Doctor seems to have moved on from his total rejection of Danny.

Clara lies so she doesn’t have to examine her choices. If she told Danny the truth, then she would have to face up to the fact that she decided to continue travelling with the Doctor against her better judgement. She’d have to speak about being impulsive, about ignoring everything that happened before. She’d have to speak about the addiction to the thrill of this kind of life… and not the Doctor’s, but her own.

And if she told the Doctor the truth, she would have to confront that that is why she did it.

Oh Clara.

Where will this lead you.






Twelve’s little victory dance gives me life


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companions in fancy dress


It takes quite a lack of imagination to beat psychic paper.



"But we saved the world, right? So… on balance…"

Clara took on his role. Not the Eleventh Doctor’s, but clearly the Twelfth’s, with none of the lightness of the former and all of the abrasiveness of the latter.

The scene in the flat turns the Doctor/companion dynamic on its head. It’s the Doctor who warns Clara to behave in a way which isn’t alarming and it’s Clara who fails only seconds later. She’s losing her hold on that bit of empathy which she needs to understand what she can say around people who are not used to this kind of life.

Later her first instincts is to lie to people to give them hope, fully knowing that at least some of them would probably die. There’s no gentle approach to make people do what she wants, it is “I am the one chance you’ve got of staying alive” and “you wanna walk, walk”. We’ve seen her in command before, but this is a new, darker tone.

Clara has seen two peole die in front of her and she drops them from her thoughts moments later. She adopted the Doctor’s approach to death instinctively, when she finds herself in his role. And so the woman who changed the world with just the power of her tears does no longer have the time to stop and grieve.

Danny saw the Doctor as an officer and saw himself in Clara, cast her in the role of a soldier. But if she ever was that, she’s grown out of that role. Even in the moment where she should have been in her element, keeping Rigsy from needlessly sacrificing his life, her words do not speak of compassion. They are merciless with regards to just how futile this is. They end on a call to arms. And she will defeat the enemy.

She truly wasn’t exceptional at being the Doctor just because she was good. It wasn’t only the cleverness and how she saved Rigsy’s life and drew on his talents. She was exceptional because she was just as flawed as the Doctor. Every step of the way. Lies, arrogance, and “people with guns to their head cannot mourn” are embraced without a look back.

Does Clara realise it in that moment? Or has she yet to notice that she is losing her grasp on what it means to be good, in the way that Clara Oswald is good?

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I always thought 12 was a bit crabby

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And who are you when you’re at home, love?

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Is your name really Disruptive Influence?
Courtney Woods. Can I go in space?



"…you’re a bit over-qualified for the position…"

That time when the Doctor nearly landed himself the job of caretaker at Coal Hill School.

Remembrance of the Daleks - season 25 - 1988

I guess they still had his C.V.? xD



I used to be a soldier but now I teach Maths..

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Shall we just wait and see..

So I’ve realized that, if you look at the original series TARDIS teams from season 11 on…


…there are a lot of parallels with the new series TARDIS teams. Check this out. You have:

Team Underappreciated 1


A more reserved, less eccentric Doctor that sometimes gets overshadowed by his more charismatic successor. One of the all time great companions but not with her Doctor. Pertwee doesn’t have the anger of Eccleston, but they both have a strong sense of dignity to them.

Team Iconic


For many people, this IS the TARDIS team. This is the iconic Doctor with the iconic companion. A highly eccentric and well dressed Doctor. A capable and inquisitive companion. Both Baker and Tennant made the role their own by basically being themselves. And hell, Sarah Jane was in an episode WITH Rose and they made the parallels pretty explicit.

Team Underappreciated 2


The companion that unfortunately gets left out of the conversation of great companions more often than not, despite the fact that she’s in some of the greatest stories of the whole run of the show. Martha and Leela as characters don’t really have much in common. Instead, what they have in common is that they are sandwiched between two more well-liked companions and thus still deserve their due.

Team Mates


I feel like I’m cheating by including both Romanas, but they’re both the same Time Lord, so I’m not cheating by much. Plus, Donna combines the best traits of both Romanas. Like Romana I, she basically gets plopped onto the TARDIS for the first time without the Doctor expecting it and isn’t super happy about it. And, like Romana I, she calls the Doctor on his shit and keeps him from getting too pompous. At the same time, Catherine Tate and David Tennant have the same great chemistry that Tom Baker and Lalla Ward had. Plus, the DoctorDonna was the closest thing that the new series has to a Time Lord as a companion.

Team TARDIS Family


The most crowded that the TARDIS ever got. The babyfaced Doctor with the curious outfit. The strong willed redhead who doesn’t take anyone’s shit. The curly haired other one who’s only sometimes there. The male companion that’s mostly famous for dying. (After Rory dies the first time, he’s reborn as Turlough, I guess.) Matt Smith and Peter Davison were both incredibly young at the time and following the most popular Doctor in the history of the show. They also took over around the time of a major sea change in the production of the show.

Team We Hardly Knew Ye


The companion who wasn’t as strongly characterized as her predecessors and shows up right before the regeneration. 

Team Argue Mainlyimage

The prickly, argumentative Doctor. The companion who becomes more of a character as she’s paired with this Doctor. The actor who was already on the show as another character before playing the Doctor. The show taking a consciously darker turn after the fireworks of the anniversary year.