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Ok. So the Harry Potter fandom is one of the largest there is here on this website. And we’ve been starved of books and films for way too fucking long quite a few years. Now there is a massive fan film coming up, for those of you who don’t know, called The Gathering Storm. It’s a film based in the Marauders era. From what I’ve seen, it’s looking really really good, and the cast is PERFECT. But here is the thing. They need $40,000 by Tuesday, April 22, 2014. If they don’t get it by then, this probably won’t happen. So I’m begging all those of you who can, to DONATEIf you can’t donate, atleast reblog this post so more people can know of it. 

I’m calling on all of you Potterheads for your support, because I know this is a massive fandom, and we can really help this happen. 

Come on you guys, if tumblr can get someone a fluffy chicken, we can definitely make this happen.

Come on you guys, just 12 days left!

If everyone who reblogged/liked this dropped in a dollar or two, we’d be done! We can only pull this off with your help, guys!






46 Hours! 

We’re hit our goal, but we’ve still got time to raise additional funds! Additional funds we’re able to raise will end up getting poured into things like the soundtrack and special effects!

4 Hours until the Kickstarter closes at 2:08 PM EST! 

We’ve passed our goal, but every dollar still helps! Help us make this film the best it can be!



Favorite (missing) book quotes

   ↳ Better than Firewhisky (Deathly Hallows, p. 99)

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Harry Potter Fans unite for The Gathering Storm!

I’m not connected to this production, but a potentially amazing Harry Potter fanfilm about the Marauders’ Era is trying to get funded. Every dollar counts. If it doesn’t get funded, no one is charged anything. If it does, we’ll get a fantastic Marauders’ Era fanfilm.There are only days left.

The Kickstarter

Their Tumblr Blog

Rehearsing the Lily and Snape scene from the books:



ϟ The Magic Begins Challenge: A Scene You Really Wanted To Be In The Movies, But Wasn’t

Have a biscuit, Potter.

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We’re off to a great start, but we have a long way to go if we want to bring the Marauders to life!

We’ve got a great story, an incredibly talented team, and a fantastic cast! We’ve got almost everything we need to pull this off the way it deserves to be done.

But now we need your help!

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Oooh I need to Harry Potter rant again (I’m so sorry, apparently I’m thinking many thoughts.)

I just saw a post that observed and pointed out the slightly problematic facts surrounding Muggle vs. wizarding advancement and capabilities. The Muggle world is substantially more developed than the Wizarding world; and yet the Muggle world is consistently made fun of. Why do you need owls when you’ve got cellphones? Yeah, they’ve got moving pictures but we have film footage and movies and those move too. It’s very puzzling to think that these worlds can live side by side, with one half always thinking themselves superior, when in reality, a lot of their methods are outdated.

I’ve got a theory though, so hear me out. I do believe that Wizards and Witches have always been superior to Muggles, in terms of capability. Magic has made their lives easier and has done so for centuries. When reading the books, you notice that Muggles and Wizarding folk live apart from one another. They do not interact, they are not even allowed to interact. Sure, this one isn’t the fault of Muggles, since they aren’t even aware of the existence of magic, much less magical folk. And if anyone is made aware, Obliviator squads are there to make sure any collateral damage is taken care of. 

But the Muggle world was never as advanced as it is now. It’s certainly been an upward battle and with electricity and technology, a lot more has happened within the last twenty years than ever before (especially with the emergence of consumerist society). 

Because of the emerging conflicts between Muggles and Wizards, resulting in deaths and persucution (see Witch burnings), usually - as we find out in PoA - with innocent parties suffering, the Ministry had to come up with some way to take control of the situation. And so the International Statute of Secrecy was drawn up in 1689; its sole purpose being, to make sure that Muggles and magical folk stay apart and remain apart. This catered well to Pureblood folk - and I imagine Pureblood mania only grew more and more hysterical as the Wizarding world became more condensed - who obviously advocated for a barrier between “them” and “us”. This would also further stereotypes about Muggles being inferior, being worse off, being rather silly, pathetic creatures. Even Muggle-loving Wizarding families, like the Weasleys, are grossly ignorant of how their society works. Everything baffles and confuses and amazes them because they haven’t been allowed to interact. Any interaction is frowned upon and endangers the Wizarding community, according to the Statute. 

So while I’m sure that in 1689 Wizards were FAR more superior in terms of advancement and their ability to use magic to cater to them and make their lives easier, I think it can be argued that at the turn of the century, Muggle development started speeding up. The amount of breakthroughs being made in the fields of science, philosophy, art, and mathematics within the 20th and 21st centuries, are truly awe-inspiring. However, it should be noted that Wizards remained mostly oblivious to these developments. With a few minor exceptions, ie. for cars, trains, and other methods of transportation, few Muggle inventions were ever adopted and if they were adopted, I wager that it took a while for them to be accepted.

Wizards and Witches in Harry Potter are well known to be rather stubborn when it comes to tradition. They do not like adapting, they do not like change, they do things and believe in things because they’ve always been done in a certain way (with regards to House Elf enslavement in particular). 

I believe that in the last 25-30 years, which would also incorporate Harry’s school years, Muggle society overtook the Wizarding one. Cellphones just are easier to use for contact than owls could ever be, but one must consider that cellphones are still a fairly recent invention. And they certainly weren’t quite as wide spread during the early 90s as they are now. Bearing all this in mind, I believe that their ignorance, fear, and slight arrogance, kept Wizards from noticing that Muggle society had become so advanced. Any gadgets made will have blown right over their heads. I think this is the reason for Wizards making fun of and ridiculing Muggle society. They have the old 17th century picture in their minds, and they live relatively sheltered lives in their wizarding communities, prior to their induction at Hogwarts. Some probably only met Muggles (well, Muggle-born children) at Hogwarts for the first time, after having been told all their lives that Wizards are so much better. So it’s no surprise that their worldview is slightly tainted.

What I’m trying to get to is that, yes, while we know that firearms, cellphones, video cameras, the internet, and credit cards are all very advanced and superior to things like owl post, that does not mean that Wizards and Witches were also aware of this. This knowledge simply wasn’t privy to them because of the way they have been kept separate for centuries.  

Exactly. We might be talking about the same post (or not) but recently I’ve seen a post appear on my dash that mostly focused on this “issue.” I’ve found it quite ridiculous. Really, it even gives wrong canonical information and presents them as “proofs.” I’ve been meaning to write a contradictory one for a while. But you expressed it more eloquently than I ever could. So thank you for this post.

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ok why does this have 16000 notes. either there was a really funny comment here that someone deleted, or the harry potter fandom is so desperate for new things that they just reblog the shit out of gifs of harry looking around holding a crystal ball

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Before Photoshop there was…Drew Struzan

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do you remember our 'awkward' first date?

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we’re here to fuck shit up.

ron looks like he is ready to kill someone but very confused why

I feel like the above statement is a very good summary of ronald weasley

Um, not it’s not a good summary and it really annoys me that anyone would say it is.

Not having Hermione’s ostentatious intelligence, Ron is often overlooked and singled out as the stupid one of the trio but I don’t see any evidence of this. People think it’s stupid because they compare him to Hermione rather than hold him to his own standard. Ron’s intelligence is about equal to many people’s, dare I say most of you even.

Ron was not confused. I’d like to see a concrete example of a time when Ron didn’t really know what was going on, or a time when he was the only one who didn’t know, because whenever Ron was a little behind in something Harry tended to be too. Ron could handle himself. He could fight. Harry trusted him to be capable. When they had to go to the department of mysteries Harry expressed reluctance to bring Ginny, Neville and Luna along, not Ron. I’m sick of all of this Ron-baiting. He wasn’t thick! He was of average intelligence. This means his intelligence was equal to MOST PEOPLE.

Ron was loyal, solid and dependable. He was a decent person. He was brave and trustworthy and entirely upfront about his thoughts and feelings. He wasn’t sly. These are all fantastic qualities in a person and they are so often overlooked because they’re not ‘showy’.

And also in the above picture, it could also be interpreted as Ron scanning the area and being MORE aware of his surroundings than Hermione who is often thinking strategically or Harry whose gaze is focused on one thing. Ron is more aware of what people who grew up in wizarding society is like. He offers an insight to them from his own experiences. Harry often needs this insight. Hermione is book-knowledgeable about the wizarding world, but as evidenced by her outrage at Hogwarts, A History and it’s failure to inform her of Hogwarts’ use of house elves that can be problematic. Their different perspectives are ALL needed and if we had lost any one of them events might’ve turned out very differently.

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JK Rowling's bestselling boy wizard is due for a makeover, with the launch of award-winning illustrator Jim Kay's fully-illustrated edition of Harry Potter in 2015.

The first in the series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, is slated for publication in September 2015, and publisher Bloomsbury will release each of the subsequent titles annually, re-creating the original publishing schedule which started in London in 1997, and so successfully developed readers as they, and Harry and friends, grew older together.

Illustrator Kay has reimagined Harry for a new generation of readers, in a style that nods to Daniel Radcliffe’s portrayal of the boy wizard in the film versions of the novels, and captures the character of Harry in the books.”


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