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This was ad-libbed by the voice actor, Craig Ferguson and they chose to keep it in because they loved it. Kids won’t get it but adults will be thinking “did he just imply what I think he implied?”

And later the director confirmed it.

DeBlois revealed that, the reason Gobber never got married, is because he is homosexual. This makes him the first homosexual character of the franchise, and even DreamWorks itself.

This is the worst representation I’ve ever seen when will we actually get queer characters without having to deduce it from like 0.3 seconds of screen time and a vague hint

the worst? are we forgetting..  


Shout out to Paranorman for showing people how it’s done.image


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When I started transition, almost 14 years ago, I imagined, I had this fantasy, that I would start taking hormones and in a few years, I was gonna blend in and no one would ever know that I was trans. I could just live my life undetected. And I knew a lot of trans folks like that, it was presented as the goal of transitioning. 

When I realized that I wasn’t blending in effortlessly, I had to sort of to reevaluate things for myself. I had to begin to think about and I’ve begin to own this transgender thing. It became something that I had to say, "Well, this is who I am." (x)

This woman… Right here.

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Recently, the admins of a fan-based Tumblr convention, Dashcon 2014, ran into some trouble.  Allegedly, the staff of the hotel that was hosting their convention demanded to be paid 17,000 dollars, or else they would shut down Dashcon.  The Dashcon admins responded by asking the community to raise 17,000 dollars by the end of the night — and so they did.  The convention went on.  

This has upset quite a few people, many of whom have pointed out that Tumblr users united to fundraise for a convention, but not to raise money for other causes.  A lot of these posts have specifically referenced poverty, homelessness, and disadvantaged members of the queer community; in particular, many people have talked about homeless LGBTQ youth.  Why couldn’t we have raised 17,000 dollars for them?

Well, we can.  So let’s do it.  

The Ali Forney Center in NYC is an organization for homeless LGBTQ youth that provides housing, food, showers, clothing, primary medical care, mental health care, HIV/STI screening and treatment, substance abuse support, street outreach, employment/education assistance programs, training for adult care providers, and more.  They’ve been doing great work for about 12 years now, and though they were hit pretty hard by Hurricane Sandy a few years back (x), they’ve never stopped working to do everything they can to directly help the most vulnerable members of the queer community.  

I’ve created an online fundraising page directly through the Ali Forney Center, so no sketchy private individuals will be handling donation money.  

Let’s prove that we can come together for more than bad conventions and potato salad Kickstarters.  Homeless LGBTQ youth deserve better than being used as props in arguments, so here’s our chance to show that we do care enough to raise money for people who desperately need support. 

(Plus, if you donate, you can have an extra hour in the ball pit.  We promise.)  

Our goal is 17,000 dollars.  Click here to visit the page and donate!

This is a really good way to recover from these embarrassments. Let’s do it.

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Over the past two years, I’ve shared a lot of space with cisgender feminists who are seeking to add a trans voice to their panel, event, or conference. I can often sense that these feminists’ hearts are in the right place with regards to trans issues. They’re trying and their… [read more]

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Between #SochiProblems and technical difficulties, all eyes are on the Winter Olympics as they kick off. But here’s what hasn’t gone viral: four LGBTQ rights activists have already been arrested under Russia’s homophobic legislation since the opening ceremonies.

That silence ends here.

We stand with all citizens, athletes, and visitors facing fear and danger now and beyond the Olympics. The weapon we have is love.



Janet Mock returns to Piers Morgan Live. (x)

My people are everything. Thank you for supporting me tonight. I exist among giants. I love you all. 

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Opinions, please…

I’m making a speech for a class on Monday arguing in favor of more inclusive adoption laws for people in the US who identify as being part of LGBTQ community and wish to adopt children.

And I don’t just want to say ‘let gay and lesbian couples adopt’ because that leaves out the other groups.  I was wondering if anyone has opinions on how I should phrase it. 



High Schoolers Staged A Massive Sit-In After Their Vice Principal Was Ousted Over Same-Sex Marriage

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I went to church with my family tonight and the pastor said something that I think every Christian should hear
  • Pastor:
    Now, according to a few passages in the bible, homosexuality is a sin.
  • Couple of older males in the audience:
  • Pastor:
    Now, wait, I'm not finished.
  • Pastor:
    You know what else the bible defines as a sin? Divorce.
  • -uncomfortable silence-
  • Pastor:
    There are countless passages that talk about how divorce is wrong, and that there are consequences to getting a divorce, such as the wife should be stoned.
  • Pastor:
    Yet, I witnessed a divorce just this morning. And I gotta tell you, it was heartbreaking, but I definitely didn't attempt to throw rocks at the wife, even though she was the one who filed for divorce.
  • Pastor:
    We choose to overlook the consequences of divorce because time has proven that they're inhumane and cruel.
  • Pastor:
    The bible doesn't say anything about the consequences of a homosexual lifestyle. Yet, we seem to be spearheading a campaign to ruin the lives of people we don't even know.
  • -the pastor shifts a few notes around-
  • Pastor:
    The bible states to love thy neighbor. That's it. There are no other rules or restrictions to that passage.
  • Pastor:
    So, we as a church family have to support equality with a smile on our face. THAT is the true Christian way.



Reblog if you would watch a Disney movie with a homosexual protagonist.

  • No subtext.
  • No alluding.
  • No “they-could-possibly-be-gay”.

Full-blown, love interest is the same gender, out and proud, homosexual protagonist.

guys lets make disney & pixar see this omfg

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West Point men become first to marry at academy

this is fucking brilliant

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I’ve recieved a lot of requests for a masterpost. 

So…I made one. 


Like always, contact me with any changes. 

Like always, if you’re going to complain that demisexuality isn’t real, polysexuals are just confused, trans* people are liars, or asexuals need to get laid…. Just, I dunno, stop. 

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A gay soldier calls his father shortly after DADT is repealed.

(Father’s dialogue in smaller, italic font above.)

I don’t care that I’ve already reblogged this



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“I came out to myself and to my family when I was 17 in 1961. Things were different then and a lot scarier than now. I could have been arrested and put in jail for just being me. I became a success in my career and respected and gained financial security, so if colleagues or community found out of my orientation, I could hold my own and be proud of me and know that they could not hurt me financially or career-wise. I did not make waves. I befriended all I knew who wanted to be befriended. I have had a very successful personal life and home life. I look forward to the day that I can marry my partner and fully protect him. It has to be on the federal level. If not, I am still regarded as a second class citizen even after all of my career, financial and social accomplishments. As I tell my family and friends and new acquaintances, ‘Liz Taylor had eight husbands; I only want one.’ I think that would only be fair.”

—69-year-old Gay man, Pew Research Center, LGBT Voices:The Coming Out Experience

Growing up in a conservative Christian family made initially coming out very difficult. I was unsure about how they would accept me. At this point in my life, I am more confident in who I am. Anyone I tell who does not know might be surprised or uncomfortable with my candidness, but I’m not afraid of their judgment. Overall, the process has been good, but early on, it was difficult because I was afraid of being ostracized at college and at home.

28-year-old lesbian

Age when you first thought you might not be heterosexual: 9

Age when you knew for sure: 15

Age when you first told someone: 22

Read more survey responses in our data explorer: Coming Out.

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