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I’ve seen Bruce Campbell in the Evil Dead trilogy, Sam Raimi’s Spiderman Trilogy, a sci-fi movie where I think he died, Xena,My Name is Bruce, Sky High, and now on USA’s Burn Notice.

But this picture makes me think of Doctor Who…He wouldn’t fit as the Doctor, but a guest starring/cameo type of role would probably be fun.


Minor Character Problem #3

pastseasofstars is now meowbooks

Actually, I’ve been Meowbooks a very long time. It’s my internet alias almost everywhere else…

That awesome moment when the #lee jordan tag is full of your RPing posts as Lee and McGonagall…


And if you’re wondering why I didn’t say Ravenclaw…Well, a glaring, mewing cat is related to a lion. I’ll have to experiment a bit more before attempting an eagle like thing.

And now,Feel free to compare my hats to the genuine article…



Poor Lee, he just can’t get a break…

What d’ya say tumblr? Should I make more? Help your Post Potter Depression?


Should I make more? Let me know, tumblr…


Your tags are so much more organized than mine are…

Different energies? Yes, I can be a squeaky, silly, fangirling puddle, too, —which is why tumblr is addicting and probably bad for me in large quantities.

And I’m happy you’ve found your Doctor. ‘Cause all the Doctors are amazing and wonderful. 

Unpopular opinion: I respect and am fond of Snape because he endured all the crap in his life, from his parents in childhood, to James in adolescence, and finally Dumbledore in adulthood, etc. However, he was not justified at all to be so rude to Hermione. I can almost understand Harry and Ron, but Hermione? He had absolutely no right to be so discriminating and downright mean.

Perhaps Hermione reminded him of Lily? I don’t mean to imply that he was attracted to Hermione, but there are similarities between her and Lily. Lily came from a muggle family, was clever*, compassionate, strong, and stood up for what she believed in. Before her friendship with Severus ended, she stood up for him and later she was counted among those who had defied Voldemort.

Another reason is Snape trusted Dumbledore just as the others did (perhaps not as wholeheartedly and fondly, but it was trust). Dumbledore always suspected Voldemort would return. How strange would it be for Snape to be fair to muggle-borns and then, later return to Voldemort’s side in his already tricky position?

Snape had been a person who was proud of his magical side and ashamed of his non-magical side based on his actions and self-proclaimed name as the half-blood Prince. We don’t know if he ever completely shook off his prejudices and we know he carried his resentment of James and Sirius for years. 

I’m not saying any of this justifies his treatment of Hermione, but it’s my take on it.

*Just a side note:We don’t know if she was as clever Hermione in almost everything. 



shouldn’t they be part of the Miracle?

Or does Miracle Day not actually take place in summer 2011? I just kind of assumed it did, but Wikipedia says it’s unspecified =|

I mean, I wasn’t expecting any sort of Torchwood reference or anything, but it DOES take place in the same universe, so I…

Perhaps they’re protected from it by the TARDIS or outside of the “miracle’s” reach as they’re travelling through space and time…