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Part 2: Amy, River, and Clara aren’t remotely ‘the same character’. (Part 1)

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Regeneration starts with the hands.

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One Last Hurrah - a Matt gifset per episode: First Night

Where are we going?
Calderon Beta. Boring, planet of the chip shops, but there is a 400-foot tree growing out of a clifftop on the north side of a mountain in the middle of the sea. And if you take the lift to the top and look up at exactly 12 minutes past midnight on the 21st of September, 2360, you can see more stars in one sky than at any other moment in the history of the universe. It’s like daylight, only magic. You could read a book by it. 

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Some common Moffat misconceptions (1/?) - “Amy, River and Clara’s life revolve around the Doctor”

They have always had a life outside of the Doctor - Amy and Rory grew up together, and without knowing it they grew up along with their daughter - and had perfectly ordinary lives
The Doctor met Amy as a little girl, and made his impact - but she still kept her accent - she was always Amy, and even though getting left behind by the Doctor affected her, she still managed to find love on her her own. 
When she travels with him we see her constantly defying the Doctor, she has ideas on her own, and she is never fully dependent on him.
We see her regaining her parents, and we see her getting a family in form of Rory and River. 
Amy’s story is about growing up, and detaching herself from the Doctor - in TPOT we see this struggle - we also so her hanging out with friends, and being normal and domestic with Rory.
The last thing we see Amy do is choosing a normal life with Rory - she actively leaves the Doctor to have a life on her own.

The first time we meet River she is leading an expedition - she is a professor, and even though The Doctor was the reason for choosing archeology (both Martha and Rose chose their careers because of the Doctor as well,but people tend to forget that) - she continue with archeology long after she finds the Doctor again
She goes on adventures on her own, she visits her parents - and occasionally she runs into the Doctor - but she manages herself perfectly fine on her own. She refuse to travel with the doctor regularly on two occasions. She also mention having dating other people. 
The line “Time can be rewritten” is repeated on show several times - it shows that the characters are perfectly capable of changing the future by making other choices - River is never tied to the doctor due to their reversed timelines - being together with him was always her choice.
When she says her final goodbye to the doctor, she admits being able to cope with loosing him - meanwhile he admits having grown too attached to her. 

Clara doesn’t travel with the Doctor all the time either - in NIS it seems like they only travel together on wednesdays. Clara commits her time taking care of the Maitland kids - as her mother died, and she felt a sense of obligation to her. We actually got an entire episode with Clara protecting the kids-  We also get a good understanding of how close she was to her mom - we see that it was her mom who inspired her to travel, and it was her moms memory that motivated her to save the Doctor.

In addition we see Clara fight Cybermen on her own, she stops herself from getting to attached to the doctor emotionally (“The trick is don’t fall in love - I do that trick every day”) - and sometime between TNOTD and TDOTD she got a job as a teacher. 

So yeah - their storyline might be related to the Doctor - but we’ve seen quite detailed aspects off their life outside traveling - including family, jobs and friends. 

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The Character Development of River Song

Closing Time

(Dedicated to Megan – A slightly belated merry Christmas, dear, I hope you have had a wonderful couple of days!)

I believe that a considerable percentage of the criticism of River Song’s character or storyline is the result of a lack of understanding for her timeline. In particular, allegations with regards to her supposed failure to develop as a character always leave me puzzled, because nothing could be further from the truth. A lot of people fail to consider that we are observing River’s character development out-of-order, with glimpses of her character at different points in time, spanning at least decades for her life. The differences are always notable, even leading some to suggest that Moffat was messing up her characterisation as he went along. In a round-about way, these claims hold a grain of truth: We see River’s devolution, because we see her evolution to the person we met at the Library in series 4, in a primarily backwards manner.

To highlight the character growth which takes place over the course of River’s lifetime, it is useful to look at her appearances from her own perspective, in the order of her timeline and in the context of her life story. The scenes in which River features in Closing Time total to less than three minutes – and yet, as the only glimpse at her life and her character in-between Let’s Kill Hitler and The Wedding of River Song it is quite invaluable to look at it. I will also take the opportunity to talk about River’s choice of career here, because Closing Time is when we see her right at the point at which she becomes Doctor River Song and so it seems fitting.

River in this scene is different than in any other episodes we meet. There is a new-found innocence to River here which we will never truly see again. Even when something spooks her in a nearly-deserted library, she isn’t truly on-guard. When Madame Kovarian approaches her, out of the dark, reciting a poem, River is merely cautious. No guns are drawn, no other preparations made. In fact, the moment Kovarian makes an allusion to the Doctor, the resulting reaction in River is excitement – and when Kovarian mentions River becoming a Doctor of Archaeology, a smile of pride passes River’s face. This is a glimpse of the person River Song might have become if life hadn’t forced her off her chosen track. Unabashedly curious, young, with a yearning for knowledge. A person who jumps at the opportunity to talk about the Doctor, even if it is with a mysterious stranger.

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Very late contribution to the Moffat Appreciation Day Countdown
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Day 3: Favourite Ship - River Song/the Doctor

Because there couldn’t be a single doubt in the world that they are in love with each other, even if we never see him tell her explicitely.

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11th Doctor and River by Eshika

Series: Doctor Who

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You and me. Time and space. You watch us run.

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Shut up! I can't let you die without knowing you are loved. 
By so many and so much. And by no one more than me.

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Nothing is ever forgotten


I’m not running away from things. I’m running to them before they flare and fade forever.

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The Doctor & River Song + season finales

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Doctor Who AU:  River is never raised by the Silence, and her first meeting with the Doctor isn’t Berlin.

Huffing, she turns the map around and squints at the fine print, the ink smudged and the words crinkled together between the creases of the worn paper, making it difficult to read- though she doubts she’d recognize her current location even if she could read it; she has no bloody idea where she is.

With a sigh of defeat, she rests her head on the steering wheel, inwardly cursing her lack of direction.


The man’s voice jolts her back into sitting position and she turns to find him standing a few feet away, as if hesitant to approach her, a smile lurking at the edges of his lips and a laughter in his eyes as if he knows something she doesn’t.  

Hands shoved in his pockets, he only looks at her expectantly, and she finds herself answering before she has time to think if she should trust him.

"Unfortunately.  I’m supposed to be here," she holds the map out the window to him, pointing to the spot circled in red marker, “but somehow I ended up not there.”

He chuckles, a low rumbling sound that makes her hair stand on end as he glances briefly at the map.  Pulling a pen and a notepad from the inside of his jacket pocket, he scribbles down directions before tearing off the piece of paper and handing it to her with a warm smile.

"That should get you to where you need to be."

Again he gives her a look like he knows more than she does, and for a moment it unsettles her as she skims over his writing.  Shaking off the feeling, she looks back at him with a smile, “Thank you.”

He gives a nod in return, still smiling as he answers, “You’re welcome.”  He pauses.  ”Though you really shouldn’t take advice from strangers, you know.”  He accompanies his last words with a gentle bop to her nose, something that all at once startles and flusters her, and she simply stares after him, at a loss for what to say as he walks away.

When she finally arrives to her destination, it is definitely not where she was looking to go.  Instead she finds a blue box and mad man that changes her life forever.


As the golden light of regeneration energy ebbs away, she approaches him hesitantly.  ”Doctor?” She asks softly, kneeling beside where he lies on the cold dirt.

Opening his eyes, he grins at her, and her heart nearly stops as she looks into the face of the man that gave her directions years ago.

It was you.”

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