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Every time I think of Percy Weasley, I think of how he should have died in place of Fred.



Forgive me, but he was standing RIGHT there!

Every time I think of people who post things like this, I think of how much rage I have and am willing to look like an asshole to put them in their place.

This is not okay.

I don’t think many of you see the good qualities in this man.

Percy Ignatius Weasley is, by definition of most readers, a prat for most of the books. He’s easily picked on by his younger twin brothers, Fred and George, is almost always the butt of their jokes when they’re not targeting Ron. But even they were always a bit more rough with him. They changed his Prefect badge to say “Pinhead.” They would badger him about his relationship with the Ravenclaw prefect, Penelope Clearwater. He never truly heard the end of his ridicule, and was called names and was greatly disliked by the students at Hogwarts, who would much rather be around and listen to people like the twins than someone who was trying to enforce rules like an adult.

He was, as he would constantly remind everyone, a school prefect, and a stickler for the rules. He would always pride himself in being dignified and primp, to the point where he appears pompous and just plain foolish. But he honestly isn’t, and these acts are just him trying to prove himself and be something he believes his family should be proud of. He worked hard for his grades, tried to get to and remain at the top, and do everything in his power to be the best he could be.

He took up a lot of responsibility. He would wrangle first years and set them in order, giving them directions and leading them to the common rooms on their first night there, and onward when danger came to the castle in the form of a troll in the dungeon on Halloween. His girlfriend was petrified by the Basilisk in the next year, and scared as he must have been, he was the one to write to his parents that soon after, his little sister Ginny had been taken into the Chamber of Secrets. The year after that, when Sirius Black, known then as a dangerous mass murderer, was said to have broken into the castle, he helped with security and prided himself in being trusted wholly by Dumbledore to keep the students safe. They didn’t know Sirius’ intentions were not to harm anyone but a garden rat, so his actions could be regarded as heroic. 

He went to work for the Ministry of Magic, as a court scribe, a job he saw fit to be respected. He was determined and hardworking, all his life, and for what? His family disapproved, seeing as the Ministry was working around Dumbledore, a man they all trusted and who he used to trust as well. He was still determined, though, to make a future for himself, even if it cost him his family. Percy and his father had a huge row, with Percy telling his father that he had to struggle against his lousy reputation since he had started at the Ministry, that he had no ambition, and that was the reason the family was so poor. He also told his father that he was an idiot for believing Dumbledore, and his loyalty remained with the Ministry.

You may think that classifies him as a prat, yeah? Not for long. When Rufus Scrimgeour was killed and replaced with a puppet of Voldemort’s, Pius Thickenesse, Percy suspected something. He remained in the Ministry, dwelling on these thoughts, and eventually contacted Aberforth Dumbledore, Albus’ estranged younger brother, who he almost identifies with a bit, who has contact with the Order of the Phoenix. One day, Aberforth tips him off that there’s a battle, and he Apparates to the Hog’s Head at once, sneaking through a tunnel into the castle, in hopes he isn’t too late. He finds his family, and apologizes profusely.

The first person to forgive him is Fred.

During the battle, (and this is where the tears come in, mind you,) Percy and Fred fought brilliantly alongside each other, and in the heat of the moment, he makes a joke. Percy is not one to be known for his jokes. 

Fred is thoroughly surprised to hear him joking, and lets his guard down for just a moment to laugh—

“You’re joking, Perce! You actually /are/ joking, Percy… I don’t think I’ve heard you joke since you were—“

A wall came down, and took Fred with it. Percy could be heard screaming his name, and refused to leave his body until Ron and Harry helped him move it safely in a wall niche so it wouldn’t suffer further damage… 

Full of sorrow and grief, Percy stormed back into the battle, charging after Augustus Rookwood, to avenge his baby brother. 

Percy is not a prat. Percy was a determined, hardworking man who simply made a few choices that not many agreed with him on. He’s not the first, nor last person to do that, and he wasn’t wrong to want a secure future. He gets a lot of hate, and it makes me insane. You don’t know how often I hear, “Percy should have died instead of Fred, he was an asshole and no one would have missed him, it wouldn’t have been as sad.” 

Wrong. That is WRONG and just so ignorant, I can’t stand it. I love Fred. I love him so much and his death truly breaks my heart, but to wish death on someone else because he made bad choices? You don’t think Percy ever thought it himself, ‘It should have been me.’ And ‘It’s my fault.’ You think he didn’t blame himself, constantly, for years, for his brother’s death? For George’s newfound solitude? For that little bit of life to be taken out of every Weasley family dinner to come, and every time someone looks around and doesn’t find that missing person? 

I’m forever missing Fred Weasley, but I don’t hate Percy for his death, and I certainly don’t wish it had been him instead. Fred’s death was noble, he died laughing for God’s sake, and I can’t think of a better way for him to have gone except decades from when it happened, and alongside George like they promised. Fred’s death teaches us a lot more than you think if you simply focus on the fact that he’s gone. It teaches us that there’s always the chance you’ll lose that one thing you think you’ll have forever. It teaches us that twenty years isn’t as long as it seems. It teaches us to forgive. 

If we can forgive Severus Snape for the damage he was a part of while secretly doing good, James Potter for being a bully in school, Ron for leaving the hunt for Horcruxes, Dumbledore for using Harry as a pawn to defeat Voldemort, and Draco Malfoy for every mean thing he said in school, then why not Percy? Why not him?

Just because he was right there, and you don’t like him as much as you liked Fred, does not mean he should have died instead. I realize it’s all on opinions, but you should really rethink your morals. 

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Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix

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Happy holidays, everyone!

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