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Why Hollywood actor Zachary Levi made a nobody cry.



Alright tumblr, I’m gonna share a story.

Okay so…
For those of you who follow me, you all know that I very much enjoy the show Chuck. It’s my style of nerdy humor and yet it’s also action-y and has quite this romantic love triangle/trapezoid/rectangle whatever undertone that I like.
Stating the above, this also means I’m a fan of Zachary Levi.

Let me tell you first how I found out about said actor Mr. Levi.
I’m quite the fan of the comic book-to-movie genre (specifically Avengers). I’ve seen all three Iron Man films, The Hulk (although Edward Norton’s version I found to be far better than Eric Bana’s version), Thor, and Thor: The Dark World (and the Avengers, but that’s an obvious given here).

Anywayyyyy, there was something peculiar I noticed upon my second viewing of Thor: The Dark World.
Fandral did not look the same as he did in the first Thor film. Afterwards (like I noted, it took me two viewings of the film before I noticed this) I had to look this up to make sure I wasn’t totally losing it, and I was correct. In the first film it is noted that actor Joshua Dallas portrays Fandral, but in the second film the character is played by Zachary Levi.

To be honest, I had never heard of Mr. Levi before. But (thanks to the magical wonders that the interweb beholds), I found out that he voiced Flynn Ryder in Tangled. (I feel it important to note here that I am a humongous Disney, and therefore Tangled, fan). Anyhow, I also found out he starred in the show Chuck. So I decided to watch it, and I love it.

Anyhowwww, through my internet creeping of Mr. Levi’s filmography, I stumbled upon a few YouTube interview-type videos of him. A particular one had him speaking at an Apple store, where he was discussing his role in Thor: The Dark World and also answering questions from his audience.

Well, I don’t really remember exactly all the details, but someone asked him about remakes of films and he said something about the film “It’s A Wonderful Life”. In his answer, Mr. Levi said (forgive me for paraphrasing) something along the lines of “Don’t ever think that the world would be better if you weren’t here”. And for some reason it hit me square in the heart. Hard.

I constantly hear celebrities talk about things like “Everyone belongs in the world, blah blah blah”, but it wasn’t Mr. Levi’s words that touched me, it was his expression.
Throughout the interview he was laughing and being cute and funny, but when he said that, he’s entire face changed. I could tell he sincerely meant the words he was saying. It wasn’t an angry or stern face, it was more like a face of concern and sincerity. The way he pointed his finger at his audience was like he was trying to single them all out (in a good way) and let them know that each and every one of them belong. That somewhere in the world, they belong.

Why this hit me so hard, aside from the sincerity and passion that Mr. Levi spoke with, is that I feel at times as though I don’t belong.
As those of my followers have probably picked up on, I suffer from an anxiety disorder. As a teenager I was ridiculed for not liking the clichéd “girly” things. (See my aforementioned love for all things Marvel). It was hard when the guys I crushed on in middle and high school would call me names for not being “feminine enough”. They said they wouldn’t date me because I wasn’t “feminine enough”. I thought guys would like me since they liked comic books and Zelda too. Nope.
So for my entire educational years I was bullied. And years of bullying mentally scarred me into thinking I didn’t belong in the world. I mean, at thirteen years old acceptance by your peers means everything, and for me not to have that sucked. That’s where my anxiety stems from. Constant ridicule.

Today, at 21, I still have anxiety and still wrestle with feelings that I don’t belong, because scars formed in youth rarely heal.
Mr. Levi’s comment brought me to tears because I was feeling particularly down today and to hear and see him say those words with incredible sincerity made me feel, for a brief second, as though he was speaking directly to me and that he was letting me know that I belong on this planet just as much as anyone else.

I just want to say thank you to Zachary Levi for those words. He will never read this, hear about this, or care about this. He will never know what it meant to me to hear that, especially what it meant to me today. But thank you Mr. Levi. God bless you.



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Zachary Levi as Fandral in Thor: The Dark World

Flynn Rider in the flesh(—if he were blonde.)

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In which Zach and Josh prove to be all-around awesome guys.

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@zacharylevi: Thanks for coming to the show . I hope you at least remember it. ? ? ?

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Preachin the word about Chuck



Fandral snap kicks the second soldier in the chest, knocking him down and out. The third soldier at least has the opportunity to draw his sword — not that it does him any good. Fandral blocks the soldier’s fierce swing, and punches him hard twice, once from above, and once from below, knocking him out and sending the sword flying.

His task complete, Fandral takes a quick breath, then looks up and ahead to Thor, giving him a salute. Thor nods in acknowledgment of the job well done.

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Zachary Levi as Fandral in Thor 2

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Often times first impressions are worth a second glance

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First, I gotta say, Zac’s security detail was amazing. Just — I feel like the President right now. We couldn’t get here, which is why, I’m sure [Zac] was stalling. We literally could not get here. We had to jump out of our cars, illegally. Then we jumped into some golf carts. I mean, we’re talking like a mile and a half away from here. 

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Zachary Levi for Hollywood Reporter

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